It’s everything I imagine an acid trip would be

Last night Ross & I tripped down to hang out with F2 and Kevin at Kevin’s place. Kevin we met briefly at the Arcade Fire concert the other week. They’d already been playing the Wii for a bit, and gotten into some wine, so the “your mom” jokes were pretty much the staple of the conversation.

First up we played – well, no, first up we screwed around for fifteen minutes trying to get the 4th Wii Remote to be recognised by the Wii. Technology at it’s finest, naturally. With that sorted, we then firstly played some Mario-world-themed take-off of Monopoly… I was impressed by the variance and creativity of the game in general, with all it’s bajillions of minigames, but overall the experience was – as expected – marred by the fact that the Wii Remote sucks and has terrible latency, and very poor accuracy as a pointing device. sigh

That went on for a while though – two hours or somesuch? I had a bit of a headache going in, and it wasn’t helped by being ever frustrated by the retarded controls.

And then, Kevin brought out Elebits. I’m not really sure what the point of it is per se, but it is pretty much exactly what I imagine a bad trip would look like. It made me laugh so hard I could barely breath. It also turned my headache from a nuisance into a benevolent migraine. And yet somehow I just want to play it again… :)

I wish I had a screenshot which demoed it succinctly, but all I can find online look nothing like the experience we had.

Also, Ross is still being a lightfoot pansy and refusing to buy Halo 3 (and the Halo Game Station 360 to run it), despite still whining on about it constantly. I even offered to buy the game & controller for him, but he still won’t go for it.

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