Riding on thin ice

I was reminded twice today how tenuous my presence here is. On the ride back from work, the entire two blocks of it, I was nearly collected by two cars. The first was some yahoo racing to turn right. I didn’t have a green pedestrian crossing light, but I was going with the traffic. Luckily, I kinda figured something like that might happen, and slowed down enough to stop in time.

The next encounter was only a hundred metres down the road, where some daft woman was driving out of the service station. She didn’t even look in my direction… I slammed on the brakes and swerved, but I couldn’t have stopped in time… luckily she saw me at the last moment and did the same. It came down to a precious few centimetres, but I escaped. Not without being tooted by the crazy woman.

But anyway, I’m still here more or less. So, I took the camera shopping tonight. The result is here. Fascinating stuff. :)

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