That scary sense of perpetuality

The thought has really occurred to me today that I can see myself in this job for the foreseeable future. Of course, I can’t get too comfortable, since I’m only here for another two months, but it’s definitely something I’d be happy to keep doing.

Of course, I’d have to live somewhere else, I think… Cupertino’s just dead. I mean, I’m no party animal, and even I’m bored!

For amusement tonight we went upstairs (literally the apartment above us) to meet Albert. And then say goodbye – he’s an intern at Apple who’s leaving tomorrow. Ah well. Julius was also there, whom we’d met briefly before at the ice hockey. It was a good little dinner & chat, getting to know each other and all. That’s Julius on the left there, and Albert on the right.

And yeah, apparently I’m going to have to fiddle more with manual focus… the “depth of field” or whatever it’s called isn’t all too impressive in this photo (and others I took tonight). The camera has a very good manual focus mode – it zooms in the centre of the image to very close to full resolution – making manual focus actually possible. I’ve seen far too many digital cameras (and video cameras, like mine) that give you manual focus, but no true optical viewfinder or high-res digital display with which to use it. Duh.

Juluis & Albert

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