Oh yeah, that happiness thing

Yikes… I’d completely forgotten about this little “In the pursuit of” thread I started months ago. I figure I should kick-start it again… it seemed to be having positive effects while I was doing it. And since my life’s a bit less boring now, it should be easier to find things to write about. 😅

I’ll cheat for this warmup, and cover the whole weekend rather than just today. 😝

  1. Finally got my bike, and used it! Photos forthcoming, but yeah, I’m glad I bit the bullet and just bought it. I then rode it down to Laz’s place, which is a fair ride – about 7.5km. Tomorrow it’ll get another run to uni and back. I’m pretty happy, all round. I’ve been pretty “relaxed” about exercising since I got back… time to change that.
  2. Gave Sket a lift to the shops. That’s kinda cheating… we were going out afterwards anyway, but this introduces the real point I’m trying to make. Obviously, I took my time getting my license (and then a car), so I’ve accrued quite a bit of travel courtesy of others. I’m not stressing about it, or keeping close track, but I am working towards repaying that debt. I guess I need to balance my travel karma. 🙂
  3. Chilled at Dracula’s, despite the best attempts of one of the waitresses. I’ll cover the details later, but the point is I didn’t let any of it get to me, and just continued to enjoy the night. I guess that sounds like a pretty trivial thing… but stuff like that seems to get on my nerves a lot, and might have otherwise darkened my mood. Not so this time, ah-ha! 😆

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