General loitering

I didn’t get up to a whole lot this weekend… a ride was on my agenda, but I didn’t end up making that (well, any further than to F1 & Ross’ place). Friday night I ended up at F1 & Ross’, just hanging with them and Peter, arguing about the finer points of, well, pretty much anything that was said. The discussion was general along the lines of how computer science/engineering comparisons with other university courses in terms of difficulty learning (and teaching), and the distribution of capability. And so forth.

Saturday I coded… killed time in Civ 4… did a whole lot of washing and cleaning – all those annoying chores that rear their ugly heads periodically. Though, I’m relieved there’s at least one person out there more lax than I; Ross’ waits until his laundry pile threatens to topple and crush western civilisation before bothering to do his laundry. :D

Today I slept in (hooray for weekends), and ended up back at Ross’, having had lunch together way up in Mountain View at Taqueria La Bamba, which apparently ranked very high on whatever random website he looked at it. It was indeed very good, though. It was refreshing to find a place that can wrap a burrito such that it does not explode as you eat it.

After that, we just meandered around for a bit… discussed the finer points of resumes, which I have some strong opinions on now after Atlanta.. then settled down into some Halo 3 online. That was rather disappointing – I was amused for a little while, despite the lag and the fact I could barely see what I was doing, but once that wore of it just wasn’t entertaining. So we played 3-player co-op through the first two levels, which wasn’t bad, but seemed a little bit like a task… I dunno, maybe I’m just desensitised to Halo in general, but it doesn’t seem nearly as entertaining as the original. Which I still play online, and [mostly] enjoy. The lag is brutal much of the time though. Yay Comcast. :/

So yeah… I also started, yesterday, tracking how much I eat using some random app called ‘Perfect Diet Tracker’. Surprisingly, on weekends at least I consume less calories than I expected, and way less fat… in fact, it’s insisting I go out of my way to have more fat, because I’m apparently below the recommended daily minimum. Go figure. Better yet, tell that to my body.

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