FedEx strikes again!

About two weeks ago a package was FedEx’d to me from the U.S.A. It arrived earlier this week. Unfortunately, it was sent to my mother’s address instead of mine, but that’s okay. She missed the delivery, so she got them to reroute it to the post office at La Trobe. Apparently FedEx reckon’d it would take a few days to get here, so perhaps by yesterday or today. Of course, “a few days” with FedEx is always anything but, so I didn’t even bother checking up on it before today. I rode to uni after lunch to see if it had come in yet. And it had. On Monday, apparently. And since no one had collected it all week, they’d marked it ‘Return to sender’ and had FedEx take it back – only hours before I got there. Yay.

It seems to largely defeat the purpose of using a courier if the recipient has to zealously hunt down their package as it’s passed haphazardly from place to place.

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