Hot Chocolate for Wad

Gaaaaaah… I’m just not having any luck this week. Last Friday I arranged a pickup of a FedEx package for my employment stuff to Apple. Luckily I decided to scan everything and email it to them first, because the package is still with me, and is only getting to the U.S. at all because I’m going.

When no one turned up Friday, I rang again on Monday. I didn’t mention, initially, the failed pickup from the week before – I just asked for a pickup ASAP. They did the usual “you’ve missed the cutoff, we’ll do it tomorrow” line, to which I responded that I’d already arranged for a pickup, and no one ever turned up. Oh. Well, they almost apologised for that – only almost – and the pickup was set for Tuesday.

Then, a few hours later (on Monday afternoon) I get a call from Australian Air Transport or somesuch – whom do all the real work for FedEx around here – asking me to confirm my address at “Robo-Ralph”… seriously. Roboralph. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a street in Australia with that name. Ye gads.

So I corrected it for him – note that I did spell out the street name when I rang the first time, but they got it wrong nonetheless – and all was well. Only, they never turned up. The package sat on the doorstep for two days. No go. sigh

The morale of this story: never ever use FedEx for anything. Not that we didn’t know that already – I’ve never once had FedEx not screw up a delivery.

Anyway… I decided since I’d spent the better part of two hours thieving Starbucks’ power, I should actually buy something. Not one of the three girls there spoke English fluently. They asked my name, I said Wade. She looked at me blankly for a few seconds, then asked me to spell it. W. A. D. E. And then she wrote “Wad” anyway.

I’m not sure, but I think that’s funny. Maybe.

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