FedEx – Nearly 7 Seconds without a Cockup!

Great news! My visa paperwork, the key, most critical document absolutely necessary for me to even start an interview at the U.S. consulate, is having a wonderful holiday in the Bahamas. Yes, FedEx have managed to misplace an entire shipment, which was due for Sydney, but which is now happily sunning it up… somewhere.


I should have known it was too easy. Not that it was going to be – I was already worried about whether it would arrive on Monday, in time. Now, FedEx are going to get an “agent” onto it, who might give me a call on Monday. Great #%#!ing lot of good that’ll do. “Why yes, your package is just fine, it’s having a wonderful time here… you know, beach, sun, babes – it’s all good!” “Oh, you mean it’s urgent? Oh… I thought the ‘Urgent Delivery’ written on the side was… um… well.. stuff.”

I guess this’ll be sorted out one way or another, but it’s just another fantastic cock up I really don’t need right now.

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