Ah yes, the “Internal Investigations” division, how I missed you

Well, FedEx have lost my package. Hooray, and surprise surprise. Anyway, their “internal investigations” division is on it. This is pretty much what happened to the last package I was sent through them, so I’m not too perturbed… it’ll turn up, in Honolulu or somesuch.

What’s most annoying is that officially the package was delivered to Mt. Eliza on the 2nd, after failing twice to be delivered to Mornington. Since it was never address to Mornington, I have no idea what that’s about. And you’d think that some kind of validation would be performed – it was apparently delivered to Mt. Eliza at the same time, to the minute, that it failed delivery in Mornington. Now, even if you’re pathologically liberal and assume we’re talking about two houses right on either side of the border, I’d wager it’d take more than a minute to walk from one door to the other, someone to come to it, to sign for it, and for the little courier guy to write all this into his PDA. Especially given Mt. Eliza ain’t Preston, where the distance between neighbours front door’s is measured in feet.

Contrast this to Rob, whom had a package sent to him via Australia Post. Two weeks later, it hadn’t shown up. So he contacted the sender, they sent it via courier, and it arrived 3 hours later. Keeping in mind that it takes about an hour to drive from sender to Rob. Now that’s a courier.

Update as I write: FedEx insist they don’t have it, that it’s at the Mt. Eliza post office. Which may well be the case. I’ll have to give them a ring.

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