Another airport, another few hours of my life gone. What fun.

Damn it’s hot here. Humid hot. It’s probably only high twenties, really, but the humidity is very tropical. It’s quite a beautiful place, even the airport… there’s lots of greenery, some half-original architecture, and lots of air conditioning… I think the power plant we flew over on the way into landing must be solely to power the air condition here.

It’s interesting that… well… the place is over-run by Japanese. Of course, this was to be expected, but it’s surprising how many of the actual staff here are also Japanese. Although at least they do all speak English fluently, which is more than I can say for Sydney, so I’ve no complaints. And there’s been no rudeness or incident otherwise, with anyone. All good.

There’s a beautiful Japanese garden here in the middle of the airport, which has a lot of water features throughout, teaming with fish. Very nice. And it’s been raining lightly too, which – while making it more humid – is still very pleasant to be in.

I’m almost tempted to rearrange my return so I can stay here for a few days, and actually see Hawaii, as my dad (among others) suggested, but I just can’t see myself overcoming the humidity. Just hauling my carry on bags around the place is exhausting… I actually had to stop for a rest between Starbucks and the gate…

…and yes, apparently I’m already addicted to Starbucks. It’s interesting that while the menu is identical in every store, the actual food and drinks are not. The hot chocolates here were particularly nice – probably the best I’ve had. The muffins were still average.

And that shall be the last mention of food for this leg of the trip, lest I descend into the genetic trap that awaits me – of judging all tourist trips by the food alone – evident by my grandfather. :)

Although I will add that the hot chocolate and muffin here cost about the same in US dollars as they did at Sydney – in Australian dollars. $7US, including “voluntary” tip. Hmmm.

Oh, and don’t blame me for the spelling of Hawai’i’ – that’s how it is on all their promotional stuff… I guess too many crazy American tourists were calling it Ha-why-ee instead of…. Ha-why-ee… The confusion never ends.

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