I’ve mentioned Sarah a few times tonight, so I suppose I should clarify a bit, lest people create ideas. While many people with big imaginations have been assuming we’ve been getting back together, now that we’re talking again, that’s not the case. While things are mostly cool between us, and we have talked a whole lot to try to resolve past issues and misunderstandings, there’s still a lot that isn’t resolved and probably never will be. And in any case, most of the reasons why we broke up to start with still remain, even today. Things have changed a bit, yet still stay the same. Time, for example. As I’ve noted, I’ve been trying to actually get together with Sarah for a while. A month or so, I figure at the moment. In that time we’ve managed nearly a whole two hours or so, last Saturday night for dinner. And while it seems like we’ve made tentative (and occasionally affirmative) plans for every second night, they always fall through.

There’s a sad present irony in this, but I’m not going to divulge the necessary details here. Just trust me, it sucks.

So anyway, I’ve mentioned Sarah relatively frequently as of late simply because of this; it’s been increasingly frustrating trying to actually get time with her, to the point now where I’ve given up. Not that I don’t care, just that it’s a lost cause. With Apple looking at a start date quite a bit sooner than I’d expected, my schedule’s been compressed a lot. The road trip (or whatever; some sort of travel) I’d been planning for January might not have time to happen. I might not be around for Tony’s return from Nepal. And it’s now less than five weeks to Christmas, at which time everyone has family stuff and catching up is a nightmare, so I’ve got ’till then to do my socialising. If I don’t go away for some part of that; all other things considered, that seems like the best thing to do. Although a Lorne encore has been suggested, which has a certain attraction, and would double quite well as a socialising bit, obviously.

And yet in the meantime I have to move all my crap out, sort through it so I can leave as little as possible in actual storage (i.e. my parents’ closets), sell bits (including, I guess, my car), and find time to work so I can afford the aforementioned travel. Gah!

While I’ve been feeling a lot better this week, with exams over and things generally coming together well, I’m still stressed a lot more than I’d expected. Not that much, on an absolute scale, but still more than I’d like. Things never turn out quite the way you want. :/

Still, all things considered things are great for me at the moment, so I’m not complaining (yes, I’m aware of the contrariness of that statement given the previous few paragraphs :P ).

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