#geektree [4/4/2001] – Sarah & I

Hmm… now I’m confused. I could have sworn Sarah and I started going out on the 11th of April, 2001 (we broke up in March last year, only a week or two shy of our three year anniversary). It was only a week or so before my birthday; she was going to wait until my birthday and then ask me out as a present – if I didn’t ask her first, which I did. She wouldn’t kiss me until we were going out. :)

Anyway, this bit is from a week before that, and she’s referred to as my girlfriend by Data… it’s not just me who thought of our anniversary as the 11th; Sarah agrees on that. So, I guess it really was true that everyone already assumed we were together. Huh.

[10:59] faRq: U know that nice gal from last night
[10:59] Lord-Data: seah?
[11:00] faRq: yeah
[11:00] faRq: well I think she's a nice gal
[11:00] Lord-Data: sys's gf
[11:01] faRq: ok
[11:01] Sys: :)
[11:01] * Sys whistles innocently.
[11:01] Sys: Assuming Data hadn't mentioned that, what would you have said? Go on, don't be shy... ;)
[11:01] faRq: she seems to me to be a "real" friend
[11:01] faRq: Hiya Sys
[11:01] Lord-Data: but yes, she is nice
[11:01] faRq: I hope U don't mind me talking about your girl
[11:01] * Sys shrugs.
[11:01] Sys: Doesn't bother me.
[11:01] faRq: same as I am saying now
[11:02] Lord-Data: lol
[11:02] faRq: "real" friends are hard to find
[11:02] Sys: Why do you keep putting real in quotation marks?
[11:03] faRq: and I thought she was very nice from what I saw last night
[11:03] faRq: and I don't mean as in g/f b/f stuff I mean as in liftime friends
[11:03] Lord-Data: yea, she doesnt have to be nice to me
[11:03] faRq: because there are friends and there are friends and there are "real" friends

And that’s it. In the logs, anyway… although there’s no sign of corruption, which should be obvious if it were present.

I’m not entirely sure what Data’s last comment means… :)

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