PRJ… yep, just PRJ

  1. Helped Tony with his PRJ board. He was having all manner of bizarre issues with his LCD, which – after quite some time – we managed to figure out together. Hopefully he’s figured out the other niggling issues by now. He has most of his physical board soldered up all nicely, so for him it’s just a bit of coding and debugging. Me, on the other hand, has only the Z8 and LCD going… it’s going to be a long day in the lab tomorrow. 😞

    Actually, I feel especially good about helping Tony as a repayment in kind for Rob helping me with my board, by fixing my dodgy soldering. Now Tony need only do a favour for Rob, and the circle will be complete. 😁

    It felt good to be helping someone else, even though my own board is a bit of a mess. Mine’s at a state where I’m certainly going to pass, whereas Tony’s wasn’t necessarily, so while it was perhaps a little scary to devote so much time aside from my project, I think it was the best thing to do. Now I’m all warm and gooey. 😜
  2. Didn’t get cranky with Darrell. He’s the lecturer for PRJ, and can be on the rarest of rare occasions, ever so slightly critical. 😄 He’s pretty good really, but his “creative criticism” could use a bit more creative and a fair heft less criticism. 🙂

    I was in a sourish mood when I arrived in the lab this morning, although I’m not sure why… I guess just ’cause my board was at that time dead, and I wasn’t being very optimistic towards the rest of the day. Of course, thanks to Darrell I was able to fix it pretty quickly, and after that things went well. But I’m glad I didn’t do anything silly while I was cranky, as I’m often prone to doing.

And yeah, I missed an entry yesterday… spent most of the day working on PRJ, the usual.

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