Skydiving video now available

I couldn’t get the quality up where I wanted it, but DVD Player and VLC both have the same issues playing directly from the source… I don’t recall all these minor glitches when we were watching it in the hanger, but that doesn’t surprise me – computer DVD drives typically suck at playing DVDs.

Anyway, fwiw it turns out Handbrake on Intel does a significantly better job of handling the glitches than the exact same UB on PPC. VLC also worked just as well, even on PPC, but it’s a PITA to use and I couldn’t be bothered figuring out how to deinterlace the video.

So, onwards – I present Monterey Bay Skydiving. You also get to see Ryan & Jeff jump as well, although only their departure from the plane. I may also host Ryan’s video if he so chooses.

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