Nevis bungy jump

I’ve put the video of me jumping Nevis (13.7 MiB) up, for your viewing pleasure. It’s very washed out, because it was early morning and very bright, and the camera didn’t seem to handle the high contrast very well. Sorry. :)

But, watching it again, it actually reminded me how cool it was, and how high it was. You can see I’m falling for quite a long time before reaching the bottom. I think it looks pretty cool, anyway. :)

I’ve also ripped the skydiving video, and I’ll try to put that up soon as well… unfortunately it’s a fair bit bigger and I chose to use a higher quality as it’s not washed out like the Nevis one, so I might have to do some spring cleaning first… and I also wanted to get Sarah & Emma’s blessing first as well, since they’re in it too.

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