New Year’s Eve

So Chris & everyone left quite early, I thought… day after Boxing Day or somesuch. That left me with half a week to kill, ’till NYE, with no Dawn of War fix. The withdrawal was painful… screaming, tripping, babies crawling on ceilings, etc. ;)

[proofing: I watched Trainspotting for the first time a few weeks ago… I was actually pretty happy with it; I’d originally banned myself from ever seeing it because Ducky raved about it]

They’d mentioned possibly coming down again before and/or for NYE, but then didn’t show up. Ah well. I was around at nana & pop’s last Saturday, day before NYE, for a swim and to get some work done. It was surprisingly cool in the pool, likely because of the cooler weather during the previous week, and the fact that nana made pop fill the pool right up to the bottom of the brickwork in anticipation of the increased water restrictions as of the 1st of January. I commented on the cracks below the brickwork while in the pool with pop, to which he responded along the lines of “oh yeah… whoops”. :D

I noticed today, just four days later, that the water level has dropped a full tile. I don’t think that’s from leaking – it has been warm the last few days… it’s going to be interesting how low the pool gets, not being filled up for the rest of summer.

Anyway, NYE… during the day I had planned to go down to the beach. I’d heard rumours of various things on for NYE – Adele had some $20 door fee costume thingy, which seemed to the main thing. Bobo was off at Jimmy’s, and Sket was down at Lorne for the Falls (?) festival. Since I wasn’t invited to any, I figured my options were a) stay at home, which from experience I know is quite depressing, b) hit the city for the generic party, or c) hit the beach during the day and just go from there.

Since the weather didn’t really agree with c), and ultimately laziness upended b), it seemed I was relegated to a). Dad was off to one of half a dozen things he was invited to, and Jens’ had some party at the bottom of Kunyung Road that was apparently the shizit (my words, not his, although in truth most like Wil Shipley’s :D ).

Nana’s reading this over my shoulder, more or less literally, although she’s complaining it’s too small. It reminds me of when she first got her computer, and would occasionally have me type out dictation for her. Except inevitably she’d make a mistake, or say “um” or somesuch, which I’d dutifully write down. Hilarity ensued, of course, as I wrote down all her complaints… “no, scratch that… no, no,,, what are you doing, stop that! delete that!…” :D


Anyway, she’s complimenting me on my journal and general writing… I actually find a fair bit of it to be quite mundane in hindsight… my earlier entries were quite succinct and (imho) amusing, relative to my more recent style which is five pages at once per week, kind of thing. I know it’s a lot to get through; I’m well aware that I do go on. But I insist on writing what I want and in as much detail as I reasonably can; this is for my own records, and even just 12 months from now I’m going to need every subtle hint as to what I really meant.

Plus these days I’m a bit cagey about some issues, and sometimes too lazy to write about them privately, so those subtleties are all I have to remind myself later.

Anyway, so NYE I was feeling pretty crappy. It’s the kind of night where you really need to be out partying, with lots of people. I’d actually contemplated heading over to Lorne… I sat there for a bit at 3pm or so contemplating how long it’d take, the cost, etc. Too much contemplating. Cogitating… no, that’s just a blatant misuse… consideration…. bland but effective.

[proofing: thought, deliberation, reflection, contemplation, rumination, meditation; examination, inspection, scrutiny, analysis, discussion; attention, regard – why I didn’t think to use the MacOS X thesaurus to start with I don’t know]

Anyway, I thought about it, but then thought that, no, maybe I’m too lazy… plus it’s kinda desperate. I should have gone up to the city, actually. But before I’d really gotten to that stage, mum rang and asked me over to her place. I agreed, but then sort of regretted it as I was heading over… but then I realised while I was there that the thing about NYE is that you shouldn’t be alone… you don’t need by any means need to be partying hard. It was nice at mum’s – we had dinner at the Sand’s, then nestled in in front of the TV with the cats to watch half of Groundhog Day and then Spies Like Us. I’d never seen the latter – I’ve seen Groundhog Day a bazillion times, but I still find it amusing. I quite enjoyed Spies Like Us… it was silly – typical of the big name actors in it – but it still tickled me a bit.

After the movies TV went to bollocks, with music videos and all the usual NYE crap they have. That Young Diva’s song, which I quite like nonetheless, has a really boring film clip. Like, holy crap we spent all our money on botox and now we have to shoot the whole thing on a toilet roll wound by chipmunks…

I was surprised though that when it came down to midnight they showed the fireworks in Melbourne, and nary a hint of Sydney. Last time I watched NYE on TV they had only the Sydney fireworks… boy, times have changed. :)

In fact, I still have footage of the Sydney fireworks on TV from Chelle’s NYE part some six years ago now… one day I honestly will wrap that up and get copies out to everyone, like I’ve promised for ever and a day… I just keep hanging out for Roxanne’s footage as well, although it’s taken most of the past six years to negotiate it’s release, and I still don’t actually have it in my sweaty little hands… although I’m going to try to catch up with Roxanne later in the week when I’m up that way, so hopefully I can get it then.

That’s something I should do before my road trip… get that damn DVD done. Bobo has bazillions of photos from the Old years… maybe I can convince her to include them on the DVD… hmmm, yes, maybe… *pauses for dramatic effect, then breaks out into hysteric laughter*

Ah well, it’s a cute dream. :)

Anyway, so, NYE… in the end it was pretty cool. I left not long after midnight – mum was very tired, as was I. I slept really well that night, actually… I had some very good dreams.

I realised this morning, after waking up from two successive stressful dreams about people stealing cars (mine & Adam Clashes’; I’ll write about that later perhaps), that my long term assumption that bad dreams make me stressful is of course backwards; stress makes for bad dreams. I worry about stress a lot, since while mentally I don’t much care, physically I have all sorts of complaints if I’m stressed, especially if it’s for a long period. So it’s particularly frustrating not to get a good night’s sleep. But while it’s all very abstract, rearranging the cause and affect in my mind has made me feel better. We’ll see how I sleep tonight, as to whether this anti-climatic epiphany has any affect. :)

[proofing: affect or effect? an affect… the effect… any *ffect? Yes, f*ct it… :P ]

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