Right, so *now* I’m busy

Well, the moving stuff has begun, which has me running around in circles changing addresses and trying to organise stuff. That combined with on-and-off illness the last week or so (nothing much to worry about; good old stress and dehydration for the most part) took out nearly three whole days. Yay.

I had intended to write all about my latest escapades tonight, but alas time has got the best of me once more. Curse you, foul time! I’ll have another go at it tomorrow night. Well… tonight, now.

Also, I apparently didn’t properly clean or dry or something my camera last time I used it (which I’d have to look up), which has made it a bit crusty and possibly rusty. It still appears to work just peachy, sadly, so I can’t excuse myself to buy a new one just yet. ;)

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