Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit

There’s a nice little blog entry from David Weiss here, which is a little exposé of the MacBU at Microsoft. Of particular interest is their array of 150 Mac Mini’s (PPC ones) for doing automated testing. Yikes.

And yet, despite all this apparent effort, Office still sucks. I’ve had to give up directly working on our EMT project, because:

  1. The Mac & PC versions of Word are not compatible, in this case at least, and we’re losing hours of time whenever we cross that interface.
  2. Office on any platform still sucks. Pages isn’t as zippy as I’d like, but version 2 is a big improvement, and it’s just so incredibly easy to use in comparison.

I’ve been doing my ADD write-up in Pages, alongside the EMT stuff in Word, and it’s just a world of difference – not only in ease of use, but also the result; Pages just produces much better looking documents.

Ah. This must be why my Ramblings section is the biggest. 🙂

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