Never put off what you can procrastinate now

I didn’t do much at all today, and it was awesome. :D

I slept in until lunch time… I hadn’t planned on it, although I had stayed up until 3am or so, but I was just so comfy in bed, and I’d left my heater on all night [by accident], so my room was all toasty and warm when I woke up. Ah…. :)

When I did finally get up I didn’t do a whole lot… caught up on news & email, did some proof reading of our EMT business plan, and played a whole lot of TactOps. Yes, it’s back and better than ever. ;) In fact, there’s now a UT2004 version of the mod, TacOps: Crossfire, although I’m yet to try it. I just don’t have the hard drive space for UT2004 at the moment; it requires like 3 gigs before you even install the mod. :(

I also did a couple of hours of work… I’ve been looking at my bank balances and running numbers, and I’m definitely going to have to pick up the pace on work a bit more if I want to still be eating six months from now. :) I mean, I’m far from broke, but looking ahead to about November or so, things’ll be getting interesting by then.

Which brings me up to date, to here, where I’m writing up the last few days. I’ve also got to sort through all the photos from the last week or so – there must be over a hundred by now – which I’m procrastinating on until at least tomorrow. :D There’s not a whole lot of good ones in there, anyway… lots are blurry, or not of much interest outside our ADD project. I tried taking some photos while I was driving back from J.D.’s on Monday night, because the fog was really thick and cool, but it doesn’t look nearly as impressive in the photos, and most of them are horribly blurry because I was, in fact, concentrating mostly on driving. :)

Tomorrow’s all about the engineering project; Rob wants to go flying in the morning, weather permitting, since he’s got the GPS unit and external antenna down to a reasonable weight – details on his blog of course. But he’s having issues with the transmitter & receiver pair he’s got, so we may not be able to get data from the GPS anyway. :/ We’ll have to see. After that it’s just a matter of our weekly project meeting, handing in the ADD boards, and handing in the EMT assignment. Finally that’s over! It’s like, a bazillion pages of utter B.S. and rhetoric… if I were a V.C. reading this I’d be asleep before we even got to the real business plan.

Still, it screams enterprise, which is of course the whole point; not to be readable or useful or anything silly like that. In the bizarre world that is engineering I think it’s actually pretty reasonable. Hopefully George agrees.

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