Brett’s journal

Well, today I didn’t do much… checked my email, the news, and started reading Brett Brook’s blog, from the start. He started it back in 2002, so there’s a fair bit of reading to be done. :)

I also wrote a fair bit in my journal. I went back to ye ol’ house with Damien, Anton & Laura last night, which I wrote about, but won’t publish here because I still get people emailing me occasionally asking for gossip. Regardless of my opinion of Laura, I’m not going to provide anything more here on her; I regret doing so to start with. So you can save yourselves the time and not bother asking.

Also, Terrance, it’s great that you read this – ironically enough, you’re one of my most frequent readers :D – but even if Sarah & I did do whatever it is you suspect we might, I’m not going to (and never have) write about it here, so you needn’t bother searching. Just thought I’d save you the effort. :)

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