Uni results

Well, apparently I have in fact finished my degrees, despite what StudentOnline says. I spoke to Pam today, finally, about it all and she said that officially it’s recorded that I’ve qualified for both degrees. So I should be able to get an academic transcript saying as such, which may help this visa business.

Unfortunately, I had planned to go into uni tomorrow to do this, given I’ll be up that end of the world anyway, but the uni has other ideas – they bloody knocked off today for Christmas, and don’t get back until the 2nd of January. Damn cheeky, I think; there’s no reason why they shouldn’t work tomorrow, and finish up on the logical day. I did ring the Student Centre today and ask if they could still get a transcript printed and sent to me before the break – given it takes all of about 20 minutes to do – but by that point (~3:30pm) those responsible for doing that had already buggered off. >:(

So it’s good that it’s all sorted, but annoying that now I have to just twiddle my thumbs for two weeks.

I’m really not getting into Christmas this year. I quite enjoyed it last year, but this year it’s been only frustration thus far. The only reason I’m looking forward to it now is so I can get it over with. :/

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