I-Day -1

Tomorrow morning we have a house inspection from the realtor, which is always fun – there’s a little flurry of activity right beforehand where Anton, Damien & Laura try to spruce the place up to a liveable standard. I did my part – I swept some cobwebs and spider-webs away. Now all the spiders in the house want my blood, eek.

The advantage of being clean all the time, of course, is that you get to sit back at times like these and laugh at everyone else. Muahahahaha.

‘course, that’s making Damien & Laura a bit cranky… they think I should be helping them clear up their mess. I’m happy to help out cleaning common areas that I may have dirtied – such as the work table or to a degree the kitchen, but that’s it. Fair’s fair; their mess, their responsibility.

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