So, Canada, aye? Aye[, aye]…. okay, enough of that. So I flew up in the morning, but with the delays – I suspect they tried to cancel the flight (as it was so empty) but couldn’t find a replacement, so they eventually ran it anyway – I didn’t get there and to the hostel until… Read more

No updates anticipated

Also, I won’t be updating this while I’m away. One of the downsides of being unconventional with my software choice is the lack of a web interface. One of these days I’ll do something about that.

The 13th hour

Nearly time to depart. Trying to fit all my junk, including ski boots, into one bag is an interesting exercise. It seems to have found some way to arrange itself, no doubt so perfectly that I will never again be able to replicate it, and shall return with the exact same contents spread across three… Read more


I believe F2 did some research into it and discovered than somewhere around 107% of people create panoramas. I might lay off them a bit in future… they take bloody ages to stitch together. And I really should be doing it in Photoshop or somesuch, so I can get better edges, but experience tells me… Read more

Photos of the last two weeks

The basic photos are up from my last two weeks or so of travels, including Alcatraz, Monterey Bay Aquarium, the view from Twin Peaks, Heavenly, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco Zoo, Carmel and yes, even Stanford University. The panoramas are yet to be stitched, but they’ll magically appear over time as I get around to… Read more

Resident tourist

Last Friday my parents arrived. It seems like only a short while since I’d seen them last, because it was. Which is an unusual feeling to have, living as I am a third of a world away, though I was reminded by my recent trip back that I am only sixteen or so hours away,… Read more

Back to the future

Once I heard, on Monday, when pop’s funeral would be, I booked a flight over. That was annoying to do – it took a few hours just to book because Qantas’s booking website is seriously snafu and I had to try a couple of different routes through it to find one that actually worked. Then… Read more