Myke’s travelling family

Many many weeks back now, Myke invited me to take some relatives of his (Marie and name-escapes-me-now), over from Norway (I think it was), on a wee tour of the place. Santa Cruz, as it turned out. With Matt too. We went down there, checked out the board walk, convinced them to try all too many disgusting American foods – who came up with funnel cakes, anyway, and why would you do something like that? – and the main street for a bit. But they were quite non-commital, such that it took most of the afternoon for Matt & I to tease out of them the fact that what they really wanted to do was go up to S.F. and go shopping.

Which apparently they did for the rest of the week that they were here. They’d been backpacking in South America for five or six months, I believe it was, so I guess they were over seeing things and had moved solidly on to the material goods phase of their lives. ;)

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