Christmas @ Myke’s

That’s right, I used an arroba in the title, muahahaha.

Christmas day, yesterday, I went round to Myke’s place for Christmas dinner. Mainly his family, and a couple of friends such as myself. It was pretty good, actually – I can handle being away from family for Christmas, though I do miss it, and Myke’s place was a pleasant stand-in. I dodged the pumpkin pie this year though… not that it was really that bad at all when I tried it two years ago, but, it is an acquired taste and I chickened out. :)

Other than that it was a pretty quiet day… Age of Empires 3 for part of it – I bought that last Saturday or so, and it’s been killing my time nicely, and for the most part pretty relaxing. I also did some work, as I’ve been doing most days.

Myke & Pam gave me a set of five Coen brothers movies as a Christmas gift, which I was very surprised about (and made me doubly happy I picked up some wine on the way over, to avoid turning up empty handed :D ). I watched Fargo tonight, though I’d seen it before; I couldn’t really remember it prior to watching it. I kept thinking, as I remembered it progressively, that it was going to work out in the standard cliché fashion – the father in law gets popped, and along with other humorous events all coinciding, the husband protagonist inherits the family fortune and lives happily ever after.

Then I remember, no, this movie’s not like that. And of course it wasn’t, though not in a disappointing way as such.

Anyway, I also noticed that one of the other four – none of which I’ve really heard of before – stars Nicolas Cage in 1987… Raising Arizona. So that’ll be the next one, and it looks promising.

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