The missing secret ingredient

While shopping for wine for Myke & Pam for Christmas (I went with a chardonnay and merlot from Lindeman’s and … some other South Australian winery… anyway), I happened to find myself in the confectionary aisle – I know, truly bizarre ;) – and figured what the hell, I’d indulge myself slightly and go some M&M’s. I also noticed as I was leaving that aisle that they had the fake Cadbury’s, as they do – this was Safeway’s rather than ‘Luckys’ where I usually shop, since the latter was closed on Christmas day – but that curiously enough they actually had Caramello and a few other varieties. Hmmm, I thought… could they actually be making an effort to produce real Cadbury’s now?

So, I picked up a plain and a Caramello block (just the little ones). And the scary thing is, the Caramello was actually pretty close to the real thing. Even the plain was much better than it used to be – it actually tastes more or less like the real thing… but alas, it still has that ick aftertaste. I blame corn syrup. Though it claims there isn’t any… in fact, the ingredients and their proportions seem to be more or less the same between the real and the fake… odd. Definitely tastes different.

But still, it’s much better than it used to be… maybe I will actually buy it again in future.

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