Papa’s got a brand new bag [of strings]

While wandering Haight Street yesterday with my parents I nipped into a music store there and, finally, grabbed some new strings for my guitar. After what seemed like hours fighting with the damn thing, I got them on. More or less. I’m pretty sure my technique is whacked, but it appears to work. More or less. They’ve only popped off half a dozen times. I assume that’s normal. ;)

As a completely unrelated aside, here’s an interesting party game – find a room filled with crap, fire a wooden peg about an inch long very hard at a random ceiling or wall, not watching where it goes. Then crawl around for twenty minutes looking for it.

The annoying thing now is retuning it every thirty bloody minutes as the strings stretch slowly. I know you’re supposed to give them a good yank straight up to get most of that out of the way, but I’m too afraid too lest I break them or get to play the find-the-peg game again.

It’s sitting behind me right now, and every time I hear any sound it scares me a little.

I also watched August Rush for about the fourth time, but the first with sound, which was pretty inspiring (how hard can it be, after all, to just whack the strings randomly? ;) ).

So I have started playing again. And it sounds terrible. And so I also now have the means to exact cruel revenge upon Francisco if he keeps me up at night. ;)

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