Downside, upside

My guitar has been sitting beside the desk here for weeks now, and while I have occasionally picked it up to play the entire five bars I can remember, it was hopelessly out of tune and until last night I hadn’t gotten around to tuning it. Seeing as how I’d completely forgotten how to tune it properly, it was handy I still have my electronic tuner, and that the batteries have lasted all these years.

So I set about that, and it was actually really nice to hear it coming into tune, string by string. Then I got the last string… without any due ceremony at all, it just snapped as soon as I tried to tighten it.


So I’ll have to go get a new string (or, strings most likely). I do still have my old nylon strings around somewhere, but I’m not sure that I brought them with me… I remember seeing them while I was packing, but I can’t recall what I did with them. It’d be a bit incongruous, anyway, having five metal strings and one nylon.

But the upside to this is I finally have the all essential guitar string needed to make blinky bugs. :D I like to think I’ll get onto that sometime later in the week. :)

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