Dave & Busters

For work last week the whole lot of us went out to Dave & Busters, which is this big restaurant slash entertainment place… kind of like a mix between, say, the Tanti pub and Timezone. Pool, pokies, a pretty nice restaurant, and video games.

It was pretty cool – the food was quite nice, and you get a token amount of video game credit with your meal. It didn’t take long to blow all that. I guess in principle the place is something like Crown with their Galactic Circus, only not incredibly crap; the games at D&Bs are all modern, in good condition, and by and large good ones.

But it’s one of those things where you could sit there and waste $50 in games, then wonder what the hell happened… I really liked the old Timezone super sessions, where it was something like $20 for 3 hours of unlimited games. That seemed like good value – not a huge amount more than a movie, and often much better entertainment value. Sadly, few if any places do that anymore. :(

And unfortunately D&Bs is out in Milipitas or somesuch… I don’t know where that is, but it’s nowhere near here. So it’s not the kind of place I’d just go to ’cause it happens to be nearby, but conversely there’s nothing about it that could pull a significant group; I mean, there’s a pool place literally right around the corner from me, so, it’d be hard to justify all the travel to D&Bs just for that.

No-one here plays pool. It’s very annoying.

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