So now that .Mac supports CNAME domain redirection kung-foo happy magic, whatever the hell it all means, I can apparently point yourdomainhere.com at my website. Sweet. And it does indeed work, marginally… I’m still fiddling with it all, but I have indeed registered wadetregaskis.com to my little ol’ self. For the moment it points at one of two placeholder pages, depending on how you poke at it, but I’m still playing.

Sadly, it takes ages for changes to actually apply to all this DNS stuff. It’s so retarded… welcome to the digital age, where it takes two days to update a record in a database. Yay.


Anyway, eventually I’ll have it sorted out, one way or another, and everyone will be able to save at least seven characters typing the URL. :)

Sadly, I looked at grabbing .com.au as well, but it’s $70 a year. Whereas ye ol’ .com itself is all of $8. Huh… yeah, let’s think about that for a minute… WTF?

I’d heard the registrar for .com.au was retarded, a while ago, but I thought there would have been some movement to fix that. Apparently not.

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