I don’t like this plane either – I’m stepping out

On Sunday I’m going skydiving again, with some guys from work. They sent around word that they were organising something, and I was initially going to pass it up, figuring I’d already done it and it’s expensive and all the usual excuses. Then when I was thinking about it a bit more I realised the real reason was the whole idea still scares the crap out of me. So, I resolved to do it. :D

I’m looking forward to it, naturally, although I know what to expect now, so it’s not quite the thrill as before. Still, I’m sure it’ll freak me out again just as well.

Hopefully the weather will be all good for it, but I’m not too concerned – clouds aren’t exactly a regular feature here, at this time of year at least, and it’s down at Monterey where the ocean winds would push any off pretty quickly, I’d imagine.

So, should be fun. Other than that, no plans for the weekend… I’ve heard rumours afoot of a trip to the Napa valley, but that’s all about boozing and whatnot. Perhaps some other time.

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