Sleeping in, school work ahead of time (!!!) and groovy graphs

1) Slept in. Pretty self explanatory. It’s Saturday, I got to stay up late last night, sleep in this morning, and be none the worse for it. Fantastic. :)

2) Polished of the lab write-up for INS. This isn’t due in until Friday, which normally means I’d be putting it off until at least Friday, but today I decided to get it out of the way. Well, last night as well, actually. But anyway – again, this is the whole “good work ethic” thing I hear so much about. ;)

3) Groovy graphs. I don’t especially like Office in any case, although the Mac version is half nice at times, and Excel does have some good charting capabilities, albeit limited. I was brought up using Excel for graphs (sigh), and I’m yet to find anything else which is as good. Sure there’s Chartsmith and friends, and some crappy high-end scientific & engineering charting programs, but none can really hold a candle to Excel. And while Apple’s charting (in Pages & Keynote) is nice looking and all, it doesn’t have a facility for importing tabular data. I mean, duh. C’mon, what the hell? I’m not going to copy by hand hundreds – maybe thousands – of cells. So, Excel it is.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the charts I’ve done. I had to really fight Excel initially, over the last few days, to get it working at least somewhat the way I want. In the end I think it came out pretty well – and was well worth having persevered. I think the ARC assignment report will turn out pretty nifty, really.

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