Creative ways to waste money

1) Went and got all the extra electronic parts I need to actually extend my speakers (first try resulted in the right RCA sockets and plugs, but a poor choice in wiring, and complete oversight of the fact that the stereo connection from the computer to the sub also had to be extended), as well as enough stuff to try out a test of my lighting “design”. I quote design because it’s mostly along the lines of “power goes in here, pot controls intensity, LEDs go here”… but it’s a trivial project at this point, so it should be easy.

Anyway, I’m happy to finally be doing all this, because I really need to get more hands on experience with electronics. Things like basic soldering and real-world circuit construction. There’s nothing difficult about the design I’m using (a bunch of op-amps driving some superbright LEDs), but there’s lots of construction to be done – which is the exact opposite of most of the work I’ve done to date at uni.

Of course, at some later date I hope to build a microcontroller system to drive it all, that’ll interface with my computers via USB, and get plugged into an iTunes visualiser… oooh. :) One day, perhaps… on day. :)

Hmm…. yep, another slow day. :/

I guess this is why you’re supposed to do this… because when you look back and realise how little good stuff you did in the day, it puts the emphasis on doing better the next.

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