#geektree [3/4/2001] – My dad’s better than your dad, rich shareware authors, the op-wars, Lord of the Rings, Ducky and the Pirate Ship

This is the first day I ran folding@home. Previously I’d been running distributed.net for years, even back to the 8100 I had I think – I remember thinking the speed boost up to the G4 was awesome. :)

Plus, I berated any PC users who also used distributed.net, since it ran way faster on Mac’s at the time – especially on G4’s with Altivec.

Anyway, onwards…. hehe, and I’m still younger and richer than Damien. :P No idea how we rank with Data these days; his car’s probably worth more than all my assets put together. Awww. :)

[5:30] Sleazball: A Dream of Wolves in Snow...good song.
[5:30] Lord-Data: no idea whos its by
[5:31] De`Impact: dream of wolves in the snow?
[5:31] Sleazball: De: Yes. What about it?
[5:31] De`Impact: that song sucks.. isnt that the one where he goes : listen to the children of the night, what swwet music they make?
[5:31] Lord-Data: mm... swet music
[5:31] De`Impact: mmm children
[5:32] Sleazball: You are a child De.
[5:32] Lord-Data: mmm indeed
[5:32] De`Impact: i'm older that you, sonny
[5:32] Sleazball: I'm richer than you, Balnaaring boy. :P
[5:33] De`Impact: bs
[5:33] Lord-Data: im older and richer than both of you :)
[5:33] De`Impact: how much money do you have right now?
[5:33] Lord-Data: mwagah, i have all the money
[5:33] De`Impact: heheh
[5:34] Lord-Data: and all the age
[5:34] De`Impact: no, me and wade togethor have a lot more age than you
[5:34] Sleazball: You know, being older just means you'll become senile first, and that means we'll be able to steal all your money from you. :P

And of course back in those days I ran an online company (i.e. made up) called 2100 Software, selling assorted shareware stuff made in RealBasic. It was a lot of fun, and I made a fair bit of money out of it – enough more or less to buy a G4 PowerMac (the year before these logs, I think). By this point in time I was no longer actively developing anything much at all – once I was with Sarah, I spent virtually no time doing anything else. :)

[5:40] Sleazball: In total, I've made $1687.11 US in the last 16 months.

Hehe… Data ran a whole boat-load of bots to maintain control of the channel. He had access to plenty of servers all over the place, so the bots could be spread out for reliability. He did this originally to prevent op-wars… back in the early days of #geektree, people weren’t around all the time, so the channel came and went. If you’re not familiar with irc, an “op” is someone who can kick people out of the channel, ban them, and do other such stuff. The only way to become an op is to either create the channel yourself, or get someone else who’s already an op to op you.

So anyway, with the channel coming and going, the op’s went around, and were lightly abused at times. So Data shifted in his bots, which would auto-op any and all of the regulars, and try to maintain those ops. It worked more or less. And resulted in a lot of this:

[6:35] ***: De`Impact has deopped faRq
[6:35] ***: |fux0r| has opped faRq
[6:37] De`Impact: >:(

Poor poor false-powered Damien. :P

And there’s pages and pages of talking about Lord of the Rings, given the first of the movies had been announced and the trailer was out. So Data was reading the books, and had just finished the first one. There was a fair bit of weirdness in that conversation… Damien though Legolas was played by Hugo Weaving (!!!), and at one point came out with this in regards to the number of Lord of the Rings books:

[7:00] De`Impact: he wrote and published like 16

And more disproof of common sense by Windows example:

[9:06] Lord-Data: something doesnt survive if it isnt good
[9:06] Sys: Windows survived.

And then there was this, below. A fairly standard conversation for us. :)

[11:09] Lord-Data: talkative pair
[11:09] * Sys is doing a chem sat.
[11:09] Sys: Seah's doing a biol sat.
[11:10] Lord-Data: ah yes, yr 12 .. i remember that
[11:12] Sys: I give up. If I fail, I fail.
[11:13] Lord-Data: i dont think its possiblefor sys to fail
[11:13] Sys: Watch me.
[11:13] Lord-Data: i shall
[11:13] * Lord-Data gets his satelite into position
[11:14] * Sys blows up Lord-Data's satellite. :P
[11:14] Lord-Data: aww
[11:14] Lord-Data: i needed that
[11:14] Sys: :)
[11:15] * Sys gives Data a shiny new satellite with 1000000x optical zoom. :)
[11:16] faRq: oh I want one of those
[11:16] * Sys gives Farq a shiny satellite too. :)
[11:16] Sys: Plenty for all!
[11:17] Lord-Data: mmm.. .zooom ..
[11:17] Lord-Data: now what would i do with said zoom .. hrm ..
[11:17] * Lord-Data contemplates
[11:17] faRq: god imagine all those teenie gals I can practice my voyerism on whilst they are masterbating in the parks ;P
[11:17] Lord-Data: oop, better get some tissues
[11:17] Lord-Data: ;D
[11:17] Lord-Data: faRq: ahh, smart minds thinks alike ;)
[11:17] Sys: They do what in parks?
[11:17] faRq: ROFL
[11:17] Sys: They only person you'll find whacking off in a park is Ducky, in Mornington, on the pirate ship.

The background on the comment about Ducky was that he was with Amanda around this time (possibly the year before, whatever). They had a thing about having sex in public places – such as down alleyways, in stairwells in buildings, at a bus stop if memory serves, etc. And not at some ungodly hour of night, either – from memory they did it in the stairwell next to the bus stop in Mt. Eliza at about 4 in the afternoon, on a weekday. How they got away without someone walking in… well… there is one possible answer. ;)

Anyway, one of their evening rendezvous took place on the chipbark underneath the pirate ship in Mornington park. On chipbark. Owww.

Oh, and that reminds me – one of Chelle’s New Years Eve parties, Ducky, Jon & I were bouncing around on the trampoline talking, and the conversation got onto sexual stamina. As it does. And Ducky came out with “hey, I once went for half an hour with Amanda”, to which Jon deftly replied “Kept your eyes open that time, did you?”. Ducky just about knocked himself out falling off the trampoline, laughing hysterically. It was a fantastic call. Worthy of the ages. :)

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