#geektree [28/3/2001] – Dialup vs DSL, evil Dingoblue & Telstra, Damn Peers, quiet brothels

This little sub-thread will look at the #geektree irc channel we all used to hang out in, picking out some juicy highlights…. man, I was a feisty little bugger back then…. All censoring added after the fact, unfortunately. :)

[4:23] Sleazball: Presently achieving a beefy 0.6k/s.
[4:23] Sleazball: Are there any major links down anywhere, any news in that respect, or is this just DingoBlue being normal?
[4:23] Sleazball: I'm connected at 46667, so it ain't that...
[4:25] Lord-Data: no idea ..
[4:26] Sleazball: Judging by these traceroutes it's OptusNet, as per usual.
[4:26] Sleazball: Fuck this. Where the hell'd that DSL pricing page go...
[4:26] Sleazball: I'm gonna cash me %#!@ cheques and get dsl. If that still doesn't work, I'll burn down the exchange, I swear to god....
[4:27] Lord-Data: leave the dslam unburnt plz .. :)

I had oh-so-much fun with dialup at my old place… the phone lines were useless, and while Telstra were well aware of the problem, they never fixed it. They didn’t have to – they were a government sanctioned and protected monopoly; there was nothing I could do as a mere customer. Nothing’s changed, really.

[5:20] Lord-Data: mmm, its definitaly expensive .. they (ausIT) rekon within 5 months dsl will be $50/month
[5:20] Lord-Data: i dunno if it'll happen, but its a posibility
[5:21] Sleazball: Nah, I doubt it. It'll go up before it goes down.
[5:21] Sleazball: Telstra are snaring people in with unlimited lans and reasonable rates. Then they'll remove the un from unlimited, and stay the same price, if not climb. Same as DingoBlue've done.
[5:23] Sleazball: DSL ain't expensive given what it is, but it's expensive given how much money I actually have. :(

Ah ha ha, how prophetic. I should have put money on it. Immoral monopolies are pretty easy to predict though, so I guess it’s not worth that much.

[5:23] ***: Lord-Data has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[5:23] ***: Lord-Data (Watching@ has joined the channel
[5:24] ***: Fuhrer has opped Lord-Data
[5:24] ***: Lord-Data is now known as Lord^Data
[5:24] Lord^Data: now wtf was that
[5:24] Lord^Data: fuckign undiesnet
[5:24] ***: Lord^Data is now known as Lord-Data
[5:24] Lord-Data: "software caused connection abort" my ass
[5:25] Sleazball: [5:23] ***: Lord-Data has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[5:25] Lord-Data: hrm. damn peer.
[5:25] Lord-Data: if i find it, i'll keeell it :)

Hehe… it’s funny though – he was right; where else do you get reset by peer errors other than irc? Odd that. I’m still not really certain what it means…. I think it’s a result of a router at some point indicating no route to host or somesuch, but, who knows. Anyway, onwards…

Oh, and Damien went by the name De`Impact. Hehehe. And said “vuat” instead of “what”. Very suave. :P

[10:18] Sleazball: There was a cool program about hacking on sbs earlier.
[10:18] Sleazball: Anyone catch it?
[10:18] Lord-Data: hmm hacking sbs
[10:18] Sleazball: Yeah, like sbs could afford a computer.
[10:18] OpsuPup: nope, you coulda told us before it was on
[10:18] * Sleazball didn't know it was on till he started watching half way through.
[10:18] Lord-Data: Sleazball: no, im not in a habbit of watching channels i can barely recieve :)
[10:20] Sleazball: They had one bit where they presented different groups of people with scenario's of "cyber attack" (sic). The military wanted to bomb things, but didn't know what, the CEO's and executives wanted to arrest people, but didn't know who, and the private citizens wanted businessmen and the military to %#!@ off. :)

And there’s a lot of typical boy geek stuff – you know, who’s got the biggest pipes, the fattest video cards, etc. Lord-Data brags about his totally awesome 64 MEG DDR GeForce 3, which cost only $999AU. And we were all still talking about ISA vs PCI. Ye gods.

[10:55] Lord-Data: xp beta 2 is prolly the best build for stability
[10:55] Lord-Data: iv had a few problems with this latest build
[10:55] faRq: oh
[10:55] OpsuPup: brothels in melbourne aren't getting enough business
[10:56] OpsuPup: :)
[10:56] Lord-Data: tho theres 2 new builds since this one
[10:56] faRq: [22:56] <OpsuPup> brothels in melbourne aren't getting enough business <<--- how th fuk did that come into the convo?

You just can’t make this stuff up. :)

And man, we loved Starcraft. :)

[11:32] Sleazball: TA goooooood.
[11:32] Sleazball: But me baaaaaaaad at it, none the less. :)
[11:32] Sleazball: Bad in an actual bad way, not in any sense of goodness.
[11:33] Lord-Data: hehe
[11:34] Sleazball: I always end up building 200 little tiny troops, and going psycho. :)
[11:34] Sleazball: Either that or a 25-strong battery of big bertha's.
[11:35] Lord-Data: thats like my ~200 strong army of marines :)
[11:35] Sleazball: Go the marines. :)
[11:36] Sleazball: jon did that to me once....150 marines, stim packed, rushing half a dozen cannons and 4 carriers. I killed 'em all, lost only two cannons. :)
[11:36] Lord-Data: hehe, what happens when you leave me idle under maxim's sheild :)
[11:36] Sleazball: I like the 350-zergling rush, myself. :)
[11:37] Sleazball: Or my trademark zergling followup. A steady stream of about 24 zerglings a second. :)

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