Thesis and early rising

1) Thesis. Yep, more of the same. Drilled a few holes, filled back a whole lot of rough edges, and got everything in there more or less happily. I haven’t got the necessary materials to screw the motherboard in, so I think it’s going to have to be bluetack at this point. :)

2) Got up early and did a whole bunch of things before having to go to class (which was at noon). I rarely get up earlier than I have to these days, which means 9:30 or so… which is really bad; I used to get up at 8am at the latest, and seemed to survive reasonably well. These days I always seem to be going to bed earlier and getting up later… probably just memory playing tricks on me. :)

I’m still getting that feeling I’m not doing much with my life, if these are the daily highlights. :)

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