#geektree [30/3/2001] – The Game, Premature Disconnection, Sad Insults, Intellectuals and Downloads via Dialup

Ah yes… at this stage I was big on OS X, although still using RealBasic. I probably had the public beta at that time… don’t think 10.0 was quite out by then. And at this point a group of us had been working on The Game for quite some time.

You see, The Game was an idea started up by Maxim, Damien and [possibly] myself. And probably others whom I’ve forgotten or misconstrued in the timeline. Anyway, the idea was that we would make a computer game to end all games. The ubergame. Kind of a mix between Starcraft, TA, Commandos, UT… pretty much every good game of any genre we’d ever played. I’m sure there would have been PacMan and Pong subgames, just for nostalgia. :)

Anyway, we spent a lot of time hanging at Maxim’s, throwing ideas around, sketching, planning, etc. We did spent quite a lot of time on it, and it was great fun. It was interspersed with random other things, like finishing Metal Slug II, III and X about a bazillion times, and generally gaming.

Of course, The Game never happened. At that point, as I mentioned, I was still pre-C, in RealBasic-world, and didn’t have anything approaching the necessary expertise to even attempt what we were talking about. It was a glorious pipe dream. But it was cool. I still have and treasure some of the stuff we came up with; it’s great. It reminds me of a time when we all still dreamed without bounds.

Anyway, in that context, the next comment will at least make slightly sense… I was looking for images and info on common weaponry for some 3D modelling I was doing at the time… I might throw up some of the images at some point… I did actually come up with some stuff that wasn’t entirely crap. Although I must say that Maxim was the real 3D talent in our group; while he only dabbled briefly in it, he came up with some amazing stuff.

So, onwards…

[5:21] * Sleazball is looking for weaponry images/information...any ideas?
[5:21] De`Impact: :D~

That’s Damien for you. Not a whole lot has changed there – our house is full of bullets, empty shells and other such crap. :)

[5:28] Sleazball: I need images and information to build from.
[5:28] Sleazball: Just thought you might know of some resource.
[5:28] De`Impact: Notice: DCC Send glock-17 transparency.gif (
[5:28] DCC: DCC SEND request received from De`Impact. glock-17_transparency.gif : 36895 bytes
[5:28] De`Impact: i got heaps
[5:29] DCC: Transfer of "glock-17_transparency.gif" was cancelled by the other end
[5:29] Sleazball: DCC: Transfer of "glock-17_transparency.gif" was cancelled by the other end
[5:31] De`Impact: umm
[5:32] Sleazball: It's the net equivelant of premature ejaculation. "Umm...I'm so sorry...this doesn't normally happen...I don't know what went wrong..." :P

Yeah, he still has that problem. ;)

[5:34] De`Impact: if it doesnt work on your peice iof shic macintosh, tis not MS problem

There’s just something so un-insulting about an insulate where they can’t even get the right side of the keyboard when their typing. I mean, come on – ‘c’ is like the exact opposite direction to ‘t’. Aye. :)

And of course, back in those days of perpetual group chat, typing speed was critical. I think most of us can thank IRC solely for teaching us to touch type, or at least hunt and peck very very fast.

[6:09] Lord-Data: take out the best part ;)
[6:09] De`Impact: but the killing is the best part :(
[6:10] De`Impact: damn fast typist bastard

Ahahaha… so many highly intellectual conversations were had…

[7:22] ***: You have joined the channel
[7:22] Sleazball: Moo.
[7:23] De`Impact: woof
[7:24] Sleazball: Meow.
[7:25] De`Impact: P'tang
[7:28] Sleazball: Tweet.
[7:28] De`Impact: cock a doodle do
[7:29] Sleazball: Moose....mooose.....
[7:30] De`Impact: ah
[7:31] De`Impact: i gtg
[7:31] Sleazball: Cya.
[7:31] De`Impact: see you tomoz
[7:31] ***: De`Impact has quit IRC (Best of bath time music: unplugged)

And yes, of course, more dialup… does anyone actually remember the bad old days, where you’d sit there and watch a 1 meg download count up in single digits of percent?

[9:48] Sleazball: Arrgh, my book, my precious book... :(
[9:48] Sleazball: It's stopped at 83% and I don't know why.
[9:49] Lord-Data: lol
[9:49] Sleazball: It's still there.
[9:49] * Sleazball whimpers.
[9:50] Sleazball: Fix it. It scares me.
[9:50] Lord-Data: lol
[9:50] Lord-Data: resume it :)
[9:50] * Sleazball bashes OmniWeb about the place with a rusty wooden pole.
[9:52] Sleazball: Yay!
[9:52] Sleazball: 87%
[9:52] Sleazball: It moves!

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