Back in the valley

I arrived back in SFO on Sunday. The flight back was pretty poor… I’ve had worse.. but then I’m pretty used to it by now. Anyway, that’s a story for another time; I just wanted to note that I’m back, and am going through my handful of photos. It’s a surprisingly large amount of work; all the underwater ones, almost without exception, are going to need a lot of colour adjustment – the Sony (*pfft*) digital camera I rented decided everything must be blue – and I’m having a devil of a time trying to identify all the fish and coral types in the photos… once again, Google sucks and is completely useless at finding anything even vaguely useful… why it thinks I want to look at a bunch of fifth grade reports on reefs ~40% of the time, I cannot fathom…

Anyway, it’s on my todo list. I don’t feel particularly bad re. jet lag, though I know from experience it usually takes a day or two to kick in anyway.

Also, while in Australia I was able to catch up on the last seven months of music – I never hear anything new here in the U.S., radio being as useless as it is here – and thus splurged a bunch in the iTMS earlier tonight. I think I’ve now spent something like $500 there, now… eep. Music’s too expensive.

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