We just had an earthquake. Not a damaging one, but enough to shake the room, rattle blinds, knock [precariously placed] stuff off shelves, etc. It certainly gets the heart going a bit, though… now I get to sit here and wonder if that was just the precursor to something bigger, or not…

And already there’s info on it online, No magnitude determined yet, though.

Looking at that site, there was apparently a magnitude 2.9 quake earlier today, up northeastish of Oakland. I didn’t feel that one.

That’s my second earthquake, now. The first was when we were in San Diego a couple of years back. I was lying on the bed and felt the room move ever so slightly. Dad & Cheryl were standing and didn’t feel anything… but my assertion that something happened was vindicated that night one the local news.

And for the record, yes, I did get up and move quickly to an interior doorway. I don’t actually know if this is what I’m really meant to do, but, for some reason that’s the earthquake protocol I have stuck in my head. :)

This was F2’s first earthquake, too. I think he’s even more nervous/excited than me… I noted that it might just be the first tremor, and now he keeps asking if we’re safe yet… :D

Ah, and it’s now been determined to be magnitude 5.6. And slightly deeper than the first measurements. The epicentre’s been pinned down as due east of Milpitas, up in the hills there. No worries, then. :)

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