Swimming & Mornington coffee

Sunday… I can’t recall what exactly I did Sunday morning. I was feeling pretty much fine by then, aside from a bit of dehydration and general heat exhaustion, as you do. Ultimately I ended up at nana & pop’s; I had to look at the entry form for the ACI Undergraduate Thesis Prize competition Rob & I are entering. It requires you to answer three questions, which are those painful “erg…” types that result in far too much fluff and far too little substance. Anyway, Rob was having trouble answering them, for good reason, so I’d promised to take a look and have a shot at them. I did, and recoiled in horror. :) I spent a bit of time looking at them Sunday afternoon, but just couldn’t come up with anything meaningful, aside from a few vague points that I thought should be focused on.

Anyway, I gave that up and went for a swim. It was beautiful in the water – just under 30° – but by then the cool change had come through and it was not much warmer in the air. While I was in the pool the temperature in the air dropped 5° to about 28° or so… it was quite cold when I got out. :/

I had to get out in a hurry because Bobo rang; she’d rung earlier, on the way home from work, and wanted to hang out. I’d suggested she come by for the pool – not realising quite how much the temperature had already dropped – which she seemed all for, but then when she eventually got back to me she’d changed her mind and was going to Mornington to have coffee with Rachel. So I elected to do that, nonetheless.

It took about an hour to get there; I had to drop off my laptop and stuff at dad’s first, as well as get petrol. In any case, it would have taken at least forty minutes, which Bobo didn’t seem to understand. As it was, I arrived just as Gloria Jeans (eat me, I don’t know nor care what the spelling is :P) were packing up. Even I’d forgotten how much Mornington dies after 5pm. Rachel (curly) and Bobo were there, and we were later joined by Brownie’s Rachel, too.

I has happy enough to be there, although a bit out of place; there was much talk of anime and Dance Dance Revolution and so forth, which doesn’t do anything at all for me. I spent most of the time trying to avoid the glare and amicably listening in.

‘course, I should have known, since this is how it always goes around the Rachels, so it was my own bed I was sleeping in. :/

Anyway, after that I grabbed fish & chips from Pensinula Fish & Chips, at the bottom of Main Street, and went on home. They weren’t too bad; a bit better than Flakey Jakes, although that’s not saying much. :/ I think they’re new though; I got the impression things were a little crazy and disorganised still. So maybe with time they’ll improve.

So then I just watched TV and played TA a little bit until bedtime… I watched Back to the Future, in particular… it’s pretty impressive how well that movie’s survived time, given it was made in 1984 or so… even some of my favourite movies from that era really haven’t lasted that well.

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