New Zealand Day 5

25th of March, 2007

I’ve just arrived back from our day around Lake Taupo. Funny story, that, actually – when we left the party boat I decided to head straight back to the motel. There’d already been copious amounts of alcohol consumed, and I’d already had my bit of partying, so I figured the most of the night was over.

Thus I started walking back, with Jade as it happened. She hasn’t been feeling too great today – probably the Contiki Cold, which I think is what I’ve had the last few days.

Anyway, I was pretty sure where the centre of town (with associated bars) was, and where our motel –

Lakeland Resort of Taupo
282 Lake Terrace, P.O. Box 1179
Taupo, New Zealand,
+ 07 378 3893

– was; just follow the main road east. I wasn’t sure of the distance to the motel though – I knew it was a little out of town, and suspected it was a fair walk – I guessed half an hour. Queeny [[ Fuemi ]] (guessing at spelling), the little girl from Japan, also followed us. I wanted to walk, both to save money & because it was a nice night for it, and Jade was a bit more in favour of a taxi, but I convinced her to walk.

Anyway, long story short Jade wasn’t entirely trusting of my memory & navigation skills, which made me doubt myself, so after fifteen or twenty minutes of walking, I decided to ask for directions, just to be sure. I felt quite bad that Jade was walking, given she visibly wasn’t well – she didn’t complain though – so I figured it was time to call a taxi.

So I stopped by the first place that seemed to be open still, which was a restaurant called:

[[ Mumm? ]]

The guy there told us it was indeed where I thought, and only a couple of km away. As we were walking off however, he asked if we were walking and then offered us a lift. We accepted, and five minutes later were back at the hotel. We all thanked him profusely, but he seemed quite happy & cool about it.

I’m impressed, though. That was a really friendly, good gesture. Above and beyond the call of duty; if anything I’d expect them only to call a cab.

So I’m feeling very lucky, blessed even, and although I’m not sure how, I hope I can some day repay the favour.

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