Time Machine gets stuck on downloads

Evidently, when Time Machine encounters a file that’s open and being written to (e.g. a Safari download), it sits and watches the file, periodically copying the new data to the backup.  As opposed to going off and copying everything else first, and then coming back to the open file. This has the lovely effect that… Read more

Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) built-in dictation

I’ve been looking forward to trying Mac OS X 10.9’s “advanced” (i.e. not-transmitting-my-life-story-to-Apple) dictation, as a potential competitor to Dragon Dictate.  Unfortunately, it’s – against all odds – even more embarrassing than Siri.  For example: This test, of the coolest names built-in dictation.) Nope, not important. If you’re..Reasonably built night, That was true Samaritan and… Read more

SceneKit & shaders

Note: Since writing this originally I’ve figured out how to get at least some aspects of shaders working.  I’m still trying to flesh out the rest.  I’ll post an update or revised entry at some point. Ugh.  SceneKit supports shaders, technically.  But it’s almost unequivocally unusable.  Let me count the reasons: It doesn’t support geometry shaders… Read more

Quality control of current Mac games

The age-old sore point of Mac gaming has been performance.  Ports from Windows versions would often run significantly slower for no apparent reason.  Interestingly, this seems to be less of an issue as of the last couple of years – whether because the games are being optimised better or Mac hardware is just better able… Read more