iOS Family Sharing users cannot mix authentication schemes

Apple supports two styles of two-factor authentication, that they call (and distinguish as) “two-step” vs “two-factor”.  “Two-step” is their older method, though functionally they’re basically equivalent. If you have multiple accounts on a Family Sharing arrangement, and some use “two-factor” while others use “two-step”, you’re in for a bag of hurt. For example, any time you change… Read more

Further iPad 3 notes

Battery life is indeed something of an issue. I can no longer just juice it for an hour or two a day, like with my iPad 2 – instead, it really needs all night to charge. And the battery life is at best the same as the iPad 2. So it doesn’t feel as untethered… Read more

Best viewed on an iPad 3

I really like the text rendering on my iPad 3.  Yes, it’s ostensibly much the same as the iPhone 4 I’ve had for a while.  But it’s not.  The relatively huge screen makes a world of difference. So I’ve changed the font of this ‘ere website to something that looks nicer on the iPad 3.  It… Read more