Stellaris review

This is a fantastic game if you love spending hours meticulously crafting a beautiful empire, micro-optimising it to a cutting edge, and then having the AI come in and wipe you out instantly. Fun for the whole family. As best I can tell it’s fatally buggy, because it lets the AI essentially cheat, and you… Read more

“Realistic” unit behaviour in real-time strategies

In addition to the frustrating lack of reliability of Company of Heroes as a software product, I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with some aspects of the gameplay itself.  One aspect in particular is the behaviour of units. When you give an order to units in that game, they ostensibly follow it.  But oftentimes they don’t, for… Read more

Quality control of current Mac games

The age-old sore point of Mac gaming has been performance.  Ports from Windows versions would often run significantly slower for no apparent reason.  Interestingly, this seems to be less of an issue as of the last couple of years – whether because the games are being optimised better or Mac hardware is just better able… Read more