USB Overdrive is incompatible with the Sigma USB dock

Grrr.  You get a shiny new lens and find out that it’s back-focusing horribly.  Luckily it’s an awesome new Sigma lens which lets you adjust the autofocus system, via the handy Sigma USB Dock.  Unfortunately, you use USB Overdrive.  So when you connect the dock up, attach the lens, and launch Sigma’s “Sigma Optimisation Pro”… Read more

Nikon D5200 firmware bugs

I like my Nikon D5200.  But it has some bugs.  Serious ones.  For example: Hard-hang the entire camera This doesn’t appear to cause any permanent damage, but you will either have to wait a couple of minutes for it to finally recover on its own, or yank the battery to hard reboot it.  The only… Read more

+[SCNTransaction setCompletionBlock:] always invokes the block immediately

It’s supposed to invoke your block when all the animations in the current transaction have completed. It doesn’t; it runs it as soon as the transaction is committed. Le sigh. It does appear to do it from the main runloop at least, as documented. So there is technically a delay, as a consequence of that… Read more