Journalling and work

1) Did some good journalling. I really thought my “+1” piece was quite well written – to me it conveys most of what I was trying to say, without dissolving into a puddle of digressions, context-less rants, and other such gunk that all-too-typically pervades my more emotional writing. Really, it’s why I started writing this journal. Hopefully it provides me with good insight into how I now feel, far in the future.

2) Did some thesis work. I’m still really not happy with how it’s progressing, but I did work on it a fair bit today, instead of going out and partay-ing… well, not that there were any parties on – at least, not that I was invited to – but of course that’s completely irrelevant, right? ;)

No, really… I’m reasonably happy with how I’ve been working, I guess. I’m really not into this thesis, and I’m less and less happy about how much money I’ve put into it. Plus, the results are decidedly underwhelming, which of course is a big concern as it comes to marking… but of course not all research is successful in it’s original aim – the whole point is to either prove or disprove the original hypothesis. I think I’ve got that largely covered.

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