Progress so far

You know, I’m really not sure if this is having the desired effect… it’s difficult to find any number of things I can write about, in this section, each day… which is then immediately depressing, because it surely shouldn’t be that hard to find a few good points to my day.

Maybe I’m just too used to being pessimistic… I can’t seem to focus very well on the good things. I mean, I remember the overwhelmingly good things, but, those little moments where you think “aww, that was nice”… I know I have them; I just forget them easily.

But then, I guess the self satisfaction and contentedness is a long-term effect… in the short term, I guess I have to actually make the effort each day to do good things, things worth writing about here.

D’oh. Stupid absence of quick solutions. Curse this unfair world. ;)

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