Freakin’ out, man

Man, I’m really freaking out. I really thought I was on top of things today – it started out so well. I went down to the travel agency, fished around for some more flights, found that the one I really wanted – via Honolulu :) – actually is the cheapest, so it’s fully justified by all counts, and booked myself in. I knew things were running very tight with regards to getting my U.S. visa in time; I’d counted out the individual days available. Still, I figured things have to move forward, have to get started…

…and now in hindsight I’m freaking out. I can feel my brain dissolving into a puddle of pure stress. It really is too soon; I don’t think it’s going to be pretty trying to get organised in time, let alone handle my thesis submission and three exams simultaneously. The next few weeks are going to be hell.

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