Work, cats and relative absence of crankiness

1) Did a lot of thesis work. I’ve now got the motherboard and power supply sitting in the case in reasonably happy positions. There’s room for a hard drive or two, and some extra space left over… I don’t think I could possibly fit a DVD player in (excepting of course, perhaps, a slim-line one)… so I’m going to have to go with the online and/or removable USB storage method for software & content distribution. Far better than those expensive, rare CDs and DVDs. ;)

I’m pretty happy as usual about actually getting some work done. I spent a lot of wasted time trying to extra some USB sockets and other components from a motherboard… I managed in the end, but only the USB ports survived the extraction process (which involved big pliers) intact… and then I had to have the stupid brain fart of thinking that I’d bent the tongues inside the ports – which I hadn’t – and so I tried to “straighten” them with pliers… snap. #$%! The plastic is broken, so they’re lose, but they’re still attached via the pins… I guess they’re still electrically fine, but I’m not too keen on using them anymore. D’oh.

2) Spent some time with the cats. Porsha’s a bitch, true and through, and Yoda’s the laziest bugger ever, but they’re both adorable. I kept them entertained a bit – walked outside with them a few times, played with Porsha a little.

I don’t often get time with the cats anymore, which is terrible, because I love them dearly. It really was fantastic stress relief just to be around them – to watch with amusement as Porsha once again attacked the hole in the ground where the old clothesline used to be… :) Temporary happiness, unfortunately, but welcome nonetheless.

3) Hardly got cranky at all on the ride back home. It went reasonably well for a Sunday – I managed to catch the tram straight off from Parliament, so there were minimal delays. Everything seemed to take ages, as it always does, but I amused myself with my iPod and my poor dinted Powerbook.

Despite all this crap with ticket infringements and whatnot, it’s still nice to just handle it all gracefully. Hopefully I’ll be long gone from here soon, and their silly fines will be the last cent they ever get from me. Ah, sweet, sweet dreams.. :)

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