Ixnay on the tripsay

I guess this better belongs in a category “Non-events”. Anyway, my roadtrip plans have been well and truly nixed, for the time being – there’s a lot of work to be done, for work, which I’m now committed to. It doesn’t really bother me all that much – I like the work I’m doing… it’s more just a case of not being able to have all you want.

On the upside, it does mean I now have a big pile of shiny monies (which isn’t a word, according to the Mac OS X Dictionary, so :P to all you sods who use it constantly) with no particular purpose… I nearly went out and bought a MacBook Pro on Friday, once it became apparent I wasn’t going anywhere… but I decided it was best to at least sleep on it for one night; rash decisions and all that. I still want one just as much now, but the wait was long enough for dreams of a Mac Pro to sneak in… :D

In any case, the reality is my car needs servicing – and I suspect something’s finally given up the ghost on the back suspension, as it’s starting to fishtail a bit, particularly in the recent wet – and there’s bound to be other joyous expenses rearing their ugly heads… :/

So I figure I’ll wait a while before indulging myself too much.

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